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Associate Level Qualification With the Societies for Newborn Photography

I am so happy to announce I have just achieved my Associateship Level Qualification in Newborn Photography with The Societies of photographers. It has taken me over a year to get this qualification. It involves submitting 20 images to a mentor. They then critique the images so harshly every minor detail is looked at that it almost destroys you and sends you into OCD madness!! You then work on what has been said and submit them again. This process you do again and again until you finally get there. Its sooo hard work!!! It has been well worth it though. I am sure you can see a massive improvement in my images now to a year ago. I am finally making images for my customers that I now know are of an excellent standard. These were the final 20 images that I submitted to achieve my qualification. Thank you to all the beautiful babies in them. I could not have done it otherwise.

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