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Family photography in My Cotswolds Studio


Family photography on Location in the Cotswolds




Included in my photography sessions is plenty of time to capture you and your baby or children together. I know as a mum I have so many photos of my baby but almost none of us together. My Cotswolds Family photography sessions take place on location and in my Cotswold studio.

I have several locations I tend to use but if you have a preferred location please let me know so I can check it out before to find where the light falls, towards the evening and where will look best for your Cotswold family photoshoot. I will guide you though different poses and if you have seen any photos you really like please email me them before so I can get an idea of what you are looking for. 

I would recommend trying to coordinate your outfits avoiding black, bright white, bright patterns, characters, logos, and sports tops that may distract.

I have a wardrobe full of Brand New Trish Scully Dresses for girls in every size from 2 to 14. I also have boys trousers, braces, shorts and shirts. It helps me if you can send me a family photo before hand and the sizes of your children so I can pick out some outfits and coordinate them when I make the session plan.

If you would like to bring some of your own clothes the best tip I could give is pick three colours and try and find clothes that look good together with this palette. Don't stick to all wearing the same shirt try three different colours that all look good together. Avoid adding another colour on top one person wearing an extra colour will distract.

A great idea for Autumn would a burnt orange, ivory and brown, tan or even mustard. Think of those colours in front of all the beautiful Autumn hues in the leaves it would look fantastic.

Like wise a good idea for spring would be ivories, neutrals and pastels.

Stores tend to have a similar colour scheme for the children clothes that season. Look for all the outfits in one store and they will probably coordinate. For babies neutral colour knit rompers always look fantastic but you don’t have to worry about buying them as I have a lot of those here.

Don't be shy with what you wear. I know you'll probably be the only one in a beautiful dress in the woods but who cares you'll look great in the photos!

I hope these tips help and you enjoy browsing though my family photography taken here in the Cotswolds and will consider me for your Cotswolds family photoshoot.

You can book your session now online and I will contact you after to arrange a date.

By booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you have any questions please ask.

My website and social media accounts are kept up to date with recent images. Please let me know when making your booking if you do not want your images used on my website or social media. 

Also check out my blog where I keep it updated with the finals of each session. It is a great way see see the variety of images we get though. 


Book your session now and I will contact you to arrange a date.