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Is 3 months old too old for a newborn photoshoot?

3 month old baby photoshoot
3 month old baby photoshoot

Is 3 months old too old for a newborn photoshoot? Well yes if you want sleepy curled up tiny baby poses and to use all the newborn props. But no if you want characterful eyes open cute baby photos. I never worry with older newborn babies as it is still possible to get lovely photos like these of this beautiful 3 month old baby girl.

Many people for all sorts of various reasons may not make it here when there baby is tiny but it is always worth it to get photos of you baby what ever the age. You will look back on these photos with fondness and nostalgia as your baby grows older.

Therefore baby photos what ever the age are so important and become even more important as time goes by.

Please see my older newborn baby gallery for images of babies take from 1 month to before they can sit up on their own. (Sitters) to get an idea of what can be achieved as all different ages. I have tried to mention the ages to you can compare it to your babies age.


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