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  • Safety – how to ensure the baby remains safe at all times

  • Lighting – see how a light all my set ups

  • Angles – understanding the importance of angles in newborn photography. This is one of the most important things to grasp

  • Lens choice – making sure to use the correct lens for each pose and set up

  • Camera settings – What settings I use for each pose and set up

  • Settling and soothing techniques – how to help the baby remain comfortable and calm throughout

  • Bean bag and props set ups – We will go though each pose I do and understand how to get the best images from each

  • Wrapping – learn my wrapping techniques to wrap and pose a baby

  • Transition posing – understanding how to move baby from one set up to another with minimal disturbance

  • Post Processing – Two hours is allowed for you to watch how I process my images. This is where the magic happens.


Courses start at 9 and finish at 2.00


Address will be sent after booking. An oppertunity to sit in and watch a session will be offered after your course so you can see what you have learnt in action.

Newborn Photography 1 to 1 Workshop Training Course

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