Covid-Secure Newborn Photography Studio

Covid-Secure Newborn Photography Studio

After doing a risk assessment for ensure my studio remains Covid-Secure I have put in place some new guidelines for when I reopen.

  • Shoes to be left outside on arrival to risk bringing any germs into the studio.

  • Temperatures will be taken of everyone before entering. I shall take mine in the morning of each session.

  • Hand sanitiser to be applied on arrival or alternately and preferable hands to be washed.

  • Limited to 2 parents or careers only unfortunately I wont be able to allow grandparents here for the time being.

  • Toilets will remain open. Sanitising hand wash available and flannels to be used instead of towels which will be washed after.

  • Only three sessions a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays allowing for a day in between sessions for cleaning and lower the risk of spreading infection

  • The nature of the fabrics used in the prop set ups (mohair, cashmere, silk and wool) means it is not possible to wash them. They will be steamed. Also these shots the baby will have a nappy on.

  • The bean bag poses where the baby is nude the bean bag fabric will be washed.

  • I shall wash my hands before the session and each time the baby is feeding.

  • The floor, sofa area and all areas that are used shall be steamed prior to and after each session.

  • Likewise the toilets shall be thoroughly cleaned prior to the session and after.

  • When choosing the final photos at the end of the session I shall try to keep my distance with the customer by selecting out the best ones and the customer finalising them.

  • When the baby is feeding or I do not need to be to near I shall keep two meters away.

  • Then the baby is in a prop and even the bean bag poses it is essential that a parent is spotting. I shall pose the baby then ask you to spot so as to try and maintain as much distance as possible between myself and the parents.

  • It is not possible for me to keep my distance when posing a baby on the parents. Should the parents feel they want to keep a distance from me we will be unable to do family poses.

  • I always have an essential oil diffuser on (lavender and chamomile) to sooth the baby. Whether or not this helps kill bacteria in the room is debatable. If it doesn't at least it will smell nice.

  • Steaming rather then chemical cleaners and bleach will be used as I fear the chemicals in cleaners and bleach to be harmful for babies.

  • I shall wear a face mask though-out the session

I have done these guidelines to hopefully keep you and future customers feel safe. The last thing I want is anyone to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome here. So please when you arrive and I take your temperature do not be offended I shall do it in the friendliest way possible. We have all come across these bossy do gooders since the lock down and I don’t want to be one of them. I just want to keep yours and my family safe.

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