How do you want to view your Photos in 20 years time?

I am so excited to have received my 1st Gold Metallic folio box.They have room for 30 mounted prints and come with a crystal engraved USB. They are the most luxurious way to store your photos for years to come. You get the benefit of both worlds some beautiful prints that are already mounted plus all your digital files all stored in one beautiful presentation box.

The box has a metallic faux leather material on the outside and is finished with a super soft material on the interior. It simply oozes luxury. You will receive it in a matching gold metallic gift bag.

I am selling them to you including your session fee for £800

This is a bargain I have seen them sold elsewhere for £2500

The price will eventually have to go up as I am not really making any profit on them at the moment but I am really trying to encourage my clients not just to have their photos on digital format but to have them printed professionally to put on their walls.

You won't believe the difference when you see your prints professionally printed as compared to the standard prints you will order yourself. They almost glow with colour and and the clarity is world class. The paper I use is the best out there.

I do hope that when you have your Cotswolds Family Photography session with me you will choose to have this beautiful presentation box to store your treasure photos for years to come.

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